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Dining Room with a View

Isn't this dining room gorgeous?  Love the high ceiling and that wonderful glass walls and the glass door that opens up to a wonderful outdoor space, looks perfect to me.  And what a view too.  Oh to start the day having breakfast in there would be heaven.  I'm just looking at this dining room but I'm wondering how the whole house looks like, its that great looking. Its like looking at a man's eyes in a photograph and you're easily mesmerized and charmed and you want to see how the whole face looks. Hmmm... I'm really intrigued and would love to see the whole house so if you know where I can take a glance at it, please feel free to send the link.  Have a wonderful week ahead.

image source 1 and 2: takemetoheaven


spiral style said...

That is my idea of heaven. I could so move in there right now!!! Thanks for sharing.

highheeledlife said...

That garage-style patio door rocks!!

Your quote photo was just what I needed to read tonight. xo C. HHL

Unknown said...

Beautiful. Love the garage door.

Casa Très Chic said...

Oh, a dining room with that view is my idea of heaven, just like Spiral Style said.
I would have my meals and work at that table.
Have a nice week.

Unknown said...

The picture is inspiring, the view is fabulous.
But the quote is the best!!

Cee said...

How absolutely gorgeous! I just wish that I could walk into my home and find it beautifully decorated like this :)

Test said...

Great quote!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dining room!

Priscilla Joy said...

Love this quote. Thanks so much for visiting House of Tulips.
xx have an exquisite day.


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