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A Hammock on a Pool

A hammock on a pool, I say so very convenient... after a little nap or drink one can just fall down straight to the pool and enjoy the waters.  Love the idea. 


Teresa said...

A hammock with a Pool ;)...

I love hammocks. My in laws brought us one from México last year and I still have to try it.

I've been dreaming of reading a book in it, on a cool afternoon next to the Jazmin.

Moments to live by... even when they are still a dream.

Thank you for sharing!

Alexandra said...

That image and quote was definitely a nice way to start the day!

Unknown said...

Awesome idea! I've never seen anything like this before!

Unknown said...

Great & inspiring words in the second picture..


spiral style said...

That is an excellent idea. Love the quote too. Love all your quotes.


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