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A charming Christmassy Nook

This nook is oh so charming. And yes, it succeeds in having that Christmassy feel we are all longing to have during this holiday season. This corner does not use the usual colors we are used to for Christmas, and it may have a blue Christmas motif but still it is not your regular blue color for Christmas, it has aquas, turquoise, and teal complimented by pink, silver and red that just pops out and catches one’s attention. This space shows us that you do not have to be conventional in decorating your home for the holidays and you do not need to have a lot of decors and accents to make your point. This space just needs a few silver balls, gifts, and a little crystal angel to get the holiday atmosphere. I heart the table with its appealing distressed finish that adds to the coziness of this space. Oh and the lovely Ball Lamp is just so perfect here and so is the comfy Berkeley armchair and ottoman that’s just so inviting. I wouldn’t mind putting my feet up and spending a few moments in this charming Christmassy nook.

photo: HomesAndGardens


karina Manghi said...

I love the colour combination, turquoise and red are just perfect!

StyleEstate said...

I loved the distressed finish on the chest. That piece really sets off the space.

I wrote a similar article about simple Christmas decorating ideas.

My Notting Hill said...

Love those blues and greens! What a great pic.

Topsy Turvy said...

Ana - I love how the ribbons on the gifts match the room. And the finish on that chest is just great. Thanks for commenting on my blog.



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