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A Glam Bathroom

What a lovely bathroom.  So glam.
Love the color of the towels, so feminine.
And look at that tub, it would be hard not to get relaxed in there.
And that mirror, oh so fabulous.

Book love.
Love the bookends.

Such a lovely porch,
wonderful place for tea or just hanging
out with the girls.

Flowers and books,
love them ♥
can't live without them ♥

The world is such a beautiful place,
just look at this.

A perfect spot to be with a loved one.

That bag... so glam.
That shoes... so fierce and fabulous!
Both are drool-worthy.

Speaking of drool-worthy,
all good looking
all talented
all Sexiest Man Alive winners.

Ahhh... Paris. Eiffel... what a structure!

Olivia Palermo stunning in a red Elie Saab creation.

So true...


Collections said...

The photo of that waterfall. wow.

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Teresa said...

The perfect pick-me up post.

Lovely choices!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Ann:
The bathroom has a particular appeal for us. We can so easily imagine ourselves enjoying a long soak in that deeply decadent bath....and room for two?!!!

Unknown said...

I can safely say that this bathroom is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen! Wow!

Priscilla said...

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honey my heart said...

oh, that tub is beautiful! and the photo of george, brad, and matt... swoon!

spiral style said...

Where is that mountain/beach scene. I want to go to there!

Shoe Belle said...

The scenery is gorgeous, and those men sure are one sweet eye candy haha


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