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Blue and White Home Office

This is a very lovely home office, blue and white, one of my fave color combo and always easy on the eyes, not much funfare here but the space is so fresh and inviting nothing much to distract a working girl.  But with that blue shutters... I guess it will take me days before I'll stop staring at it and consider it just another part of this lovely home office.  But I guess, the view out there is also spectacular, then again that would be another beautiful distraction for me.  And the floor I think looks amazing too.

Love Rachel here, 
see how she uses those LV luggages?
And those accessories,
any woman would want to have some of those too
especially muah!

This pic reminded me of the days when I would talk on the phone for hours,
I don't do that anymore... maybe its the bills that would come after that keeps me from doing it or sometimes I think that people don't have time anymore.

Don't you sometimes wonder too...

I think we all have more than one watch and more than one ring,
how to wear them?  I think this image is so cool
and lovely. 

If you're anything like me,
even if these flowers are not fresh
they would still make you happy. Love them.

Ahhh... to have a little place like this to getaway to
or just to simply sit and relax would be so divine.
Five doors is all it takes...

Wow!  To be able to be here... just wow!

 Just reminding you queens out there...
Have a wonderful day everyone!  Enjoy ♥


spiral style said...

LOVE the turquoise and white office. Rachael is WAY over the top (I'm jealous)
I don't wear a watch...can't stand anything constricting on my wrist so I use my cell phone. Rings are another matter. I love to wear rings and have some cool ones.

It is so hot here right now, I'd love to be sitting in the ocean photo.

homestilo said...

That first image reminds me of the buildings in Santorini. And I for one would love to be in the second to last image right about now...or in Santorini :-)

Anonymous said...

great pictures :)))))))

Luana said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the rings and watches on the type writter...
it's so ME! :o)
thanx for this post...


honey my heart said...

what bold shutters!

happy tuesday.

Shoe Belle said...

Just looking at the last pic has me relaxing already, sigh:p

art nouveau said...

Ι adore the office!!Great post!


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