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White Attic Home Library

 How wonderful is this place?  Aside from the triangular bookcase I am so loving the all white floors and walls and ceiling... Wow! and just look at that white French settee.  Love the table too, love the little bicycle on top, maybe just a paper weight but a whimsical touch to this lovely space.  I am actually listening to the music of The Cure while blogging this room, I know not really in synch with the calm feel of this room, but I love love love The Cure...

I told you, I love The Cure,
this is Robert Smith during his younger days.
Kids these days might not understand why their Moms
went gaga over this guy by just looking at this pic of him but kids
get their album and you'll know why.

Oh what a place... a perfect weekend getaway.
Oh did you see the laptop?
Does that mean she's on a working weekend?
I can't work on a place like that.
But maybe to afford a place like that you need to work even on weekends.

Can you see yourself lounging in one?

Loius Vuitton cupcakes... anyone?

I hope I can look this fabulous
as I lay on a couch holding coffee
welcoming the weekend.

I am thinking Marie Antoinette on this one,
does she have elaborate nails too?

 A quote from one of my fave movies ... The Fight Club.
So true, isn't it?


Couture Carrie said...

Amazing post!
Love that round tub!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I have been outside ALL DAY LONG and just came in for a break. THANK YOU DEAR for coming to visit today, looking for a new post! That is so sweet of you. I need to put up a quick post tonight; I have been away from the computer preparing my home for a guest. I have been painting my studio and we had a deck built, all in about 1.5 weeks!

I LOVE THAT jacuzzi by the beach. TAKE ME NOW! And that white library? My bedroom is very similar to that!!

Enjoy a wonderful weekend my dearest. I will be visiting blogs but will be a bit late for the week. CIAO! Anita

lorenabr said...

Tub & cupcakes are wonderful!


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