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Stone Walls and Marble Floors in a Bedroom

What do you think about this bedroom?  Cozy?  Inviting? Or not your thing?  Looks nice to me although I don't think I can sleep in here for months, I think I would be thrilled to experience to sleep in a bedroom like this but not for a long time.  Still, I love the stonewalls and marble floors and the round rug with a ready pillow.  I'm not sure how I'd feel once I get in that bed though, I am a little claustrophobic so that space in there is a little confined for me.

Oh I haven't got my pancakes yesterday,
so I am still craving for one.  Are you like me?
Until I get to eat what I crave for,
my craving won't stop.  I have friends who don't crave foods,
they just think of food when its in front of them. Lucky People.

Here's a little reminder for all those working girls out there.


O said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Such a lovely quote and so true! xoxo


Beautiful room, love the neutral tones. Looks like it'd be cold in winter though with all the stone aha.
Great quote to end too :)

Anonymous said...

I love the stone wall, it reminds me of a mill in my village where i lived. My dream was to live in a mill - it didn't come true but i love my house where i live now :-)

spiral style said...

Interesting bedroom would be fun for a while but not forever. Pancakes...YUM! Now you have me craving.
Love the quote today. Thanks.

Alexandra said...

I love that room, I think I'd like it better with some warm wood floors to make it feel more cozy..yes I am the same way with cravings and I crave pancakes a lot! haha


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