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A Rustic Bedroom

 I am so loving this simple rustic bedroom.  White and gray for beddings and just a simple side table with a vase of beautiful flowers and books.  Perfect place to be on a lazy Sunday.  And look at that view outside, another lovely stone walled home.

I am so gonna see this tomorrow.
Nice way to start the week right?

 Ahhh... to be able to wear this and take a bike ride.
A girl can dream.

 Gossip Girl will be on its Final Season...
I hope B and Chuck will have their happily ever after.

Smile!   It is never a bad idea.


Sharon Lee Johnson said...

I adore this bedroom. It is so pretty and so romantic! Happy Sunday. X Sharon

tinajo said...

Haha - that show must be the best way to start a week..! :-D

Lovely pics, all of them! ;-)

honey my heart said...

i really want to see "magic mike"!! hope you enjoyed :)

highheeledlife said...

That is one dreamy gorgeous bedroom!! and oh to be able to ride a bike in such a fabulous dress...Yes , a girl can dream and I'm dreaming right along with you! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead...xo HHL

Teresa said...

One of those rooms that invite to freshness and natural beauty...


Wondering what you thought about the movie?!

Have a Magic Week,


Unknown said...

Wow. The bedroom is lovely!!
Hope you have a nice week.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bedroom, it's perfect for summer days.

Anonymous said...

Yes to the bedroom and yes to Channing. ha ha. The movie stunk but it was worth seeing that little cutie. xo

Emmylou said...

OMG! Hope you feel better soon!! And enjoy Magic Mike:)


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