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Pink Kitchen

 I know it is so cute... Pink and Yellow Kitchen.  And look at that black and white flooring.
What do you think? Can you really endure cooking in a kitchen like this for years?
Me? Love it ♥

Mila Kunis for Christian Dior
I'm not really liking her dating Ashton
but that's another story...
the bag looks fab with Mila.

Love this photo,
the yellow sneakers get my attention big time.

What can I say?  Such a lovely place.

Looks so yum
but I'm afraid I can't ever eat a cupcake like that,
too cute, I don't really have the heart to destroy something so cute... 
oh maybe I'll take a bite but only if someone's already taken a bite,
like my son. 

Oh yes please, no woman would say no to a pair of Prada shoes.

No particular country but looks so cute,
maybe for Pink Ladies...

What a beautiful woman, Bridget Bardot,
she's responsible for making the bikini famous.

To all the lovely ladies out there.
Always keep this in mind.


Teresa said...

First and last picture I'm giving it a miss. All the others - big winners, everytime

Wishing you a lovely and pinkish week.

Take Care,

spiral style said...

Don't know I could work in that pink kitchen long term. The pink Prada pumps on the other hand....


Love the flooring in the first one! The cupcake is amaaazing! And again, another great quote ;)

Test said...

Those yellow sneakers are adorable!!!

Unknown said...

The kitchen is cute, not my style...some people would be surprised, because I have a pink laptop and cell, but not the whole kitchen!
Those heels are high! And beautiful.

k said...

definitely my first time seeing a pink kitchen!

Bonnie said...

A pink kitchen? I'm in love! :)
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Casa Très Chic said...

Lovely girlie pics.
Have a happy, sunny week.

honey my heart said...

mila is so gorgeous ;)

K. said...

Love pink but kitchen in this color? I'm not sure,
Pics are lovely1

Laura C. said...

hi!!! thanks for your visit on my blog;) what about follow each other?!


chateau chic said...

Super cute inspiration!!
Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments.
I'm a new follower, Mary Alice

Sew a Fine Seam said...

The kitchen is cute - for someone else! My Grandma has a pink kitchen that is nowhere near that cute and somehow that is what I would always think of if I painted my kitchen pink! All these photos were fun!


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