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A Minimalist Bathroom

 This minimalist bathroom is gorgeous because it does not lack glam and drama courtesy of the lovely huge chandelier.  Love how organized it is and the natural stone wall is really perfect for this kind of minimalist bathroom.  When I see a minimalist design style that I like, sometimes it makes me think of simplifying my life and where else to start but with my home design style.  You see, I have quite a few little things, treasures really that is scattered in my home, these are things that make me happy when I look at them but do I really need to part with them to create a minimalist home? I guess I can't part with them yet, so there goes my simplifying my life.

Have a lovely day... Be happy... and remember,


spiral style said...

It is a pretty bathroom but so open that it would be cold to take a bath in the winter, if you lived where it was cold. Where do you put the towels? How about the bath mat? Also being practical, how about cleaning those chandeliers?

I do love the tile and soothing colors. I'd need more sink area.

I agree with you about our little collected treasures making us feel happy and at home.

Teresa said...

I don't mind minimalism if it comes along with such a gorgeous chandelier ahahahahah

Wishing you a lovely day,


Chloe Mia said...

I love the bathtub!


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