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A Lovely Country Style Kitchen

Love the pastel blue and white combo in this country style kitchen.  And the skirt too, such a lovely detail.  The three fishes that holds the cups? Oh so cute.

Yesterday I was told by my Doctor to take it easy,
I almost blacked out, good thing a friend of mine brought me to the Doc right away,
turns out my Blood Pressure was already at 40/30 at the time,
I can hardly speak and my vision is so blurred.
Today, I'll be taking it slow.  Today I'll be enjoying one of the privileges of being my own boss,
I'll be staying at home and rest.

Women and accessories,
I know, I can't get enough of them too.

hmmm...chunky and many

 seems to be the trend in necklaces

Oh the things I would give up to be in here

Oh yeah, I'd rather have a love like Marshall and Lily,
no Romeo and Juliet for me...
don't get me wrong,
Shakespeare I like so much.

Just a reminder.


bettie said...

That's beautiful! I occasionally search for home design inspirations, and I think I'll add your blog to my favorites :)

tinajo said...

Love the words and the pics!

honey my heart said...

the blue in the kitchen are so calming... but i wouldn't mind a beachside massage.

Test said...

I could use a massage there too... Haha!


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