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A Porch with a lovely Swing

Oh what a lovely porch... With glass windows around that offers the beautiful view of the garden outside and nice curtains in times of privacy and to shield from too much sunlight.  The swing offers a cool space to sit and maybe a nap and I love it so much.  Nice flooring and ceilings too... 
I'd love to someday have a space like this.

A refreshing drink indeed.

And some strawberry cake would be perfect for 
that lovely porch.

Audrey and a bike plus a beautiful pup
Any Audrey pic is a delight to look at.

A hot choco on a chocolate cup?
I bet it would be so cool to try it.

So glam...
What a gown,
what a place!

Lust-worthy red shoes.

Why do I like pictures of keys? Do you?
I honestly don't know why but I like them,
I even have a key necklace.

Oh but I know why I love flowers so much,
they feel so delicate, smell so nice, and really lovely to look at.

There are pictures of places that when I look at them 
I will immediately wish I was there, and it does not end there, oh no,
I would actually look at each detail of the photograph and sometimes I get to imagine how it feels to be there.  Feels like I'm being transported... This is such a place.

We all should be living our dream... have courage to do so.


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous and delicious post, darling!


Stacy CUrran said...

Beautiful! Love everything!

Stacy CUrran said...

Oh - and I'm so happy to be a new follower :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Beauty, Niceeeeeee Blog & really great Photos. I like it!!! Great Job. I´m your new follower, if you like me blog, i hope you follow me back. Big Kisses from Germany ;-****

honey my heart said...

mmm chocolate cup! need!!

spiral style said...

I want to live in the stone cottage and eat my meals on that outdoor table.

24 Corners said...

We had a towering strawberry cake for our wedding...the bakery down the street still makes it too, ours had a whipped cream frosting though...and roses. Thanks for the memory!
Lovely images!!
xo J~

homestilo said...

Such pretty images. Even though it's hot out right now, I would totally sign up for some hot chocolate in chocolate cups.

fifi said...

great pics! love the saying in the last pic!


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