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Shabby Chic Cottage Kitchen

Love how this shabby chic cottage kitchen looks. 
With all distressed paint around, I find it cozy and pretty. 
The mismatched chairs is charming and love the fresh white flowers in there and of course
 I'm assuming that those are freshly baked pies, isn't that why we love looking at cottage kitchens? They never seem to ran out of freshly baked goodies that makes them smell so good, well at least in our own minds.  And of course the pink refrigerator looks so pretty in there.

Oh Gosh! Red heels, 
one of my many weaknesses as a woman.
Oh and to have legs like those,
I'd walk in nothing but those red heels too until the hubby arrives.

Just love how fabulous this dress looks like

Oh my love for pink things...
seriously, this image made me real happy inside.

Oh to be young,
I wish I still have her spunk,
and her cute coat,
and her pink rain boots of course!

Love this hey girl quotes,
sometimes they are so right on.
And to have the face of Ryan staring at you...

Oh this quote,
we need to say it to our children
and hubby everyday... and to all the people dear to us.
And really mean it!


Anonymous said...

Loving the pink photo too! I think I need to pick up some pink flowers. xo


Beautiful post :)

Katie Frank said...

this looks soo cosy <3
love it.

ellie's desk said...

Aw, adorable Hey Girl. Very inspiring post! Love the cottage look!

Hope you have a great weekend!

mazzy may said...

I do love that kitchen! Some very fun stuff near the end there, too. I love Ryan, anytime!

All the best on your blog and your weekend, too.

ivy's closet said...

Now that's a kitchen I might could actually have. I love the ceiling, and it being a "dine in" kitchen. When there is just the 2 of us..and all. ..

Such fun pics. I always wanted pink rainboots!

Love the HEY GIRL..too..I'd love for my boyfriend to tell me that!

ellie said...

Love Shabby Chic style!

Lots of things to make me smile in this post.

Anonymous said...

Cute kitchen! I like shabby style.

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post!
Love those red pumps!



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