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A Beautiful Bohemian Bedroom

Love this cozy bohemian bedroom.
Love the chandelier
and the fresh flowers by the window.
I guess when you are with someone you love
it does not matter if the room looks a bit undone
and a little small like this one.
Oh and I think the wall looks adorable.

It is the month of love again
and love is certainly in the air.
Love someone,
hug lots, and spread some lovin' this February.

So cute !

Ladies... remember this.

so cute and yummy

but I will not dare wear it
lest I'd fall

A heart shaped getaway


Ahhh... yes please!
Oh how I wish... sigh ♥

Lovely heart touch.

Red and hearty

A loving couple looking at a Monet painting.

Some of the things I love,
flowers, books, and coffee.
And this month, I intend to enjoy them at the same
as much as I can.

 A couple kissing
with Eiffel as romantic

 Red glittery pair of shoes... I want!

A fabulous red gown


spiral style said...

As always I love your quotes. I feel about my hubby as in the last quote. Lucky me.
Love the red dress and the shoes.
I pinned several of your wonderful images and inspirations.
Have a lovely week.

k said...

aw, that sweet baby pic is cute :)

Fashion-isha said...

Oh how I love and needed this post! Thanks for all the love and inspiration!

Unknown said...

I love this! Especially the last one so true :)
Thank you for your comment!

Megan, said...

love the shoes Xo Megan,

Down by the sea said...

A wonderful selection of images. I love that island!
Sarah x

Ileana said...

These pictures are sooo beautiful!
Love the red shoes :D


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