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White Open Space Bathroom

 This bathroom looks simple and cozy.
I love the big windows and the ample natural light 
it brings in.   
Can you live in a place like this?
where the bathroom has no division from
the other rooms of the abode?
There's a mini-library I see
in there too and it looks neat and 
such a cool space.


Love the shoes and jeans,
I love dressing down on weekends.
It is not yet the weekends
but this made me think of what I'd like to wear
this coming weekend.

knit love

I'm really hoping to get one of these chunky link bracelets

This is traveling in style.

so lovely

It would be nice if my drink says OK to me

I just love cold
drinks in mason jars

Love the neklace

Oh I just can't...
but nice to know others can.

 I am crushing on this
pink armchair... big time!

I know its for kids,
but I've always wanted a pretty little outdoor space
for myself.


High Heeled Life said...

Wonderful inspirations in photos and words. That first photo rocks!! Love the library nook...

Blue Dog Belle said...

That pink chair is seriously awesome

honey my heart said...

white rooms can be so open and airy!

and now i'm craving some iced tea in a mason jar.

Brynn said...

Love all of these! That one with the rock is CRAZY!

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