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Yellow Library/Study

This is my kind of room
full of books and with a touch of glam.
Isn't it fabulous?
Can you see yourself enjoying here?


I just love shirts with a Union Jack print,
looks so cool.

 I want!

Love it.

Really? 28 years already...

The skirt,
would you rock one of this?
I think it looks gorgeous.

I'm a lady
therefore I love Glitter


 A fabulous arm party
is going on right here.

Oh Wow!

A spectacular view like this
makes me daydream for hours,
so inspiring.



Deborah Flanagan said...

I love everything you posted about books. I MUST have books around me and once in the house they are like old friends that I can't bear to part with.
That fluffy white dress is so girlie and glamorous.

Luna Tiger said...

What a great and inspiring post !

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

ANN! That is the most fantastic home library I have ever seen! I enjoy DIFFERENT ways of doing things and that diamond shaped design of stacking the books is genius!

Well today seems like the perfect day to surrender my mind to a good book and a cup of chocolate tea....enjoy your day and thank you for the kind comment! Anita

Krystal said...

awwww that food looks ridiculously good!

design traveller said...

Amazing jewellery design!

Karen Albert said...

Ann I adore the yellow library and you have inspired me. Really brightened my day!

2013 Artists Series

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Oh, Ann! I love that black library wall accented with dark yellow furnishings, a gorgeous room. Love the design of the white dress and I am a shoe freak of the highest order.

I can just imagine myself soaring over those violet mountains!


stylewithoutstyle said...

Really looks great, love all these photos! :)

Melissah from Scrapbook said...

I could happily see myself reading gorgeous art & design books in that library!

Punctuation Mark said...

beautiful images!!!

B.A.D said...

Love this post! very inspiring:D It gives me so much energy just looking at the pictures. Love the bathroom:D


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