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Black and White Home Office with a Stripe Wall

Oh this black and white
home office looks so chic
and very serene.
I love the quiet sophistication
of this space,
no clutter around
and everything is looking
so neat.
I like that in a
working space,
orderliness allows me
to think creatively.
I just wish the table is bigger
but since it has a lovely
flower on it
then this table
is cool with me.
Oh and that carpet
looks lush
I can definitely
walk in there barefoot
which I would never do
in tiled flooring.
And that black and white
stripe accent wall
is so posh,
and there hangs some
photographs too, such
a cool idea.
This black and white
home office is
definitely right up my alley.

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LianaLaurie said...

Great post, dear! Looks awesome!
Hugs ♥

Freeoversea said...

Always leaving us the best inspiration for the week! That wall fits perfectly, we are big fans of the black and white :)


With love and light ☀
Patricia & Miguel

Sara's City said...

I'm in love with this part of inspirations!

Kisses from
Sara's City

Paula Lopes said...

How beautiful this decoration, I would like to have a place like this. Beautiful flowers, have a great day.

Blog Paisagem de Janela

Carolina Vega said...

amazing pictures! love the first (the studio)


Paola Lauretano said...

Wonderful pics!
I love the B&W home office!
Kisses, Paola.


Rafaela Biscassi said...

Beautiful home office inspiration.

Filipa said...

Loved the decor as always! And I also loved all the pretty flowers, it inspired me a lot! :D

Adriana R. said...

The stripe wall looks amazing!

Valerie said...

Amazing inspirations! I love that black and white wall, and all the images of the flowers...beautiful!

Hidden Unicorn said...

I love your aesthetic.

A free soul.


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