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Charming Dining Area

What a lovely dining space, not too big but definitely charming.  I love spaces like this, lots of light with high ceiling, beautiful flooring and with touches of floral patterns and real flowers.  

Today its raining here and I'm alone at home, I will definitely enjoy this rainy day, a perfect day it will be for me to blog surf and site surf and read a book after I make a hot choco so that when my son gets home from school we can eat cookies and enjoy the hot choco together. And then, I'll go catch up and watch a movie, an old favorite or something I've been wanting to watch on the theater but did not have the time.  Just wondering, when you watch movies at home, what do you end up watching? An old favorite or a new one you missed seeing on the moviehouse?

 Two quotes for a better life...


k said...

the lamps are such a pretty color! it's raining here grey! i like it though :)

glee said...

This is beautiful! First, I love that the sun shines inside making it look fresh and upbeat. I also love the simple but cozy interior. :)

P.S. Would you like to swap links with my blog, A Peek Into My Life ...? Happy to partner with you. Thanks.

Leslie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! It led me to yours. The room is absolutely stunning. :)


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