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Bright Living Room with High Ceiling

I love the high ceiling
of this living room
so much space
to it.
I love the walls and windows too,
so much natural light gets to get in
and I think the brick wall on one side
looks awesome
and the other side is not shabby as well
as you can see
there's an art wall that looks so chic.
The sofa is a perfect match
with the lovely carpet.
Love this bright living room
with high ceiling ♥



 Mark Bumgarner


Miss Uncover said...

I love the carpet!

Dyn said...

Nice post!


Bela Darcy said...

Hi! lovely blog:D If you want to follow each other blogs please come to my blog and tell me, ill follow you instantly!

Aproposh said...

This is such a lovely space with lots of light! I also love high ceilings!
xo Yvonne

Cidália Sola said...

This photos are really inspiring dear. :)

Svetlana said...

So inspiring post, dear! ♡

ALLIE NYC said...

Making time for yourself can be hard. Working full-time, blogging and living with other people does not leave a lot of time left over for me time.



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