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Shabby Chic Bathroom

I love a shabby chic bathroom
like this one
because it has a feminine
atmosphere to it
which I really really love.
I love the whites in this bathroom
so neat and fresh looking.
Nice tub too and that small table
has flowers and candles
which adds some simple luxury
and pleasure while taking
your bath.
And that rustic herringbone patterned tiles
is just perfect 
it adds a little welcome roughness
in this shabby chic bathroom.


a good cup of coffee 
I just wish I look as glam as this gal
when I take my coffee

And if the man waiting
for me to have coffee with
is George Clooney... it would be such a joy. 
I just love a silver haired man.

A long luxurious bath.

A really good music makes me feel happy.

Getting a pedicure takes away my stress.
Ooopps... there he is again.

Time out with my friends is always a good idea.

A really good book...or good books,
you know the more the better.

Flowers to me is happiness.

And of course, a kiss is happiness to me.

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Eli Dou said...

Such a cute bathroom!!



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