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Gorgeous All White Kitchen

I always love looking at white kitchens
like this one because they look so clean,
spacious and fresh.
I still don't have a white kitchen though
because I can't commit to maintaining one,
it seems more work to make it orderly
and pristine looking all the time as opposed
to a different colored one.
But this particular white kitchen
with really high ceiling, with
chic pendant lamps,
and lots of storage space  is a winner.
If I could have one like this right now
I'd commit to clean it all time
and I don't even know how to clean.
I love the wood flooring
which heightens the whiteness of the other
fabulous elements of this kitchen
like the marble top island,
lovely cabinetry and the geometric 
ceramic backsplash.
Oh and those ghost clear
bar stools are just so posh
in this Gorgeous white kitchen.

 Who knew riding a bike could be so fun, 
fashionable and full of love.


Charlie Hunnam 
could just be rocking a white shirt
and still be stylish IMHO.

Heck, he could lose the shirt
and he'd still be stylish.

The guy could seriously be dapper in a suit.
He is one of the 50 Hottest Men Of All Time
according to Harper's Bazaar.

Gabriel Macht aka Harvey Specter
Love the the smile...
and the quotes.

Gareth Bale
The Gucci belt says it all...
and that Soccer Bod.

Gareth is hot in and out of the field.

Oh Keanu... a little rugged but definitely has style.
This guy has been spreading hotness for
decades already.

Is there really going to be another sequel?

Michael B.Jordan suits it up for Vogue

Nacho Figueras
Just wow!

The face of Ralph Lauren's Black Label line...

John favorite bass guitarist.
All Duran Duran band members look good
but for me John looks great
and he has style.

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