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Black and White Kitchen

Black and white interiors
are said to be one of the hottest trends this year
and I'm all for that.
Black and white is one of my
fave combos
they are so extremes yet look so good together.
I guess that is always the case in things
when extremes are mixed they create
really cool outcomes
maybe true also in people...ha ha ha
I am so getting out of topic.
Back to this black and white kitchen,
I love how sleek it looks
the black cabinets are chic
with its gold handles,
the countertops are so neat,
and then there are actual herbs in the pots
by the window and that two pendant lamps
gives lots of extra charm to this 
black and white kitchen.
And oh, lest I forgot that clear roof up there
the skylight roof
is my favorite part of this kitchen.



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