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A Relaxing Beach Bedroom

I'd love to spend some time in this beach bedroom.
So relaxing, so inviting.
I love a door like that, a door that opens up to a lovely balcony
and offers a spectacular view of the ocean.
And I heart the colors used in this bedroom, so laidback, so serene.
On our next beach vacation I'd definitely get a relaxing room like this.

Love the ice cream
and love the blings too.

I love a balcony full of flowers,
so easy on the eyes.

Gold Love.

I love old books.
They smell so good.

I love strawberries,
I love vodka,
I'm sure to love this.

Pink Stripe Cake,
with pink flower on the side
love it ♥

The Fab Four
in Paris

That red bag and that red shoes... perfect together.

This is a lovely sight.
A couple on a hammock reading together,
laughing together.

What a gorgeous braid,
no idea how to do it.

I can see myself doing this.

I am loving the yellow shoes and bouquet here,
and of course I am assuming there's some passionate kissing going on up there.

Man Candy time...
Ewan cool on his bike.

Believe in magic! I do!


Teresa said...

In my culture beds should never have their feet turned to a door. For that room I'd dare the superstition ahahahahah.

I love the hammock picture and yes, you deserve yourself your own smile - everytime. As if keeping a wonderful secret from the worl.

Wishing you a Pink and Funny Weekend,

Unknown said...

Love your inspiring images--I have always dreamed of a room that opens up on a sea view! Have a wonderful weekend!

xo Mary Jo

Luisa T. said...

I also loved your choices!

Fashion Breaker

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! All the photo are inspiring. Especially the bedroom... heaven!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

So much awesomeness in one post. I love it!

Chris Ed said...

Lovely & inspriring images! I love the balcony picture the most! Thx for your nice comment. Your blog is great and I follow you on gfc/180, follow back if you like.
xx chris

Lara said...

What a great inspiration!
Lovely pictures :)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous images!
Have a nice weekend :)

Maria V @SoNailicious said...

Thats white bedroom looks so inviting... mmm... dreamy!



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