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Gorgeous Minimalist Dining Room

 For me,
what makes this minimalist
dining room
look so gorgeous
is the presence of that rustic and stunning
farm table.
And of course, that chevron
rug is fabulous too.


Some Pink Tulips
to start the week right

Pink High Heel Bunny Slippers
Super Cute

Frozen Niagara Falls
Yes, it did happen in 1911.

The lovely Taj Majal

Wherever this might be
seems like a good place to eat.


Oh bite me...
it says to me.
Looks like the best sandwich ever.

Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

Looks so delish.

So pretty and yummy!

This is so me talking.

This is enjoyable
talking to friends on the phone.
And those lovely flowers
would sure make
my day.

I guess this is the coolest way
to have some pedi.
Another way to 
make your money work for you.

A day on the pool would be nice.
Wow that is an endless beach on the view.

Or maybe just a few hours
under the sun and throw in a really good view.
I might wear my swimsuit too
even without the intention of swimming
just to suit the lovely setting.

Or just me and a really good coffee.


Love the mustard sweater
and the hat

beanie, sweater, jeans
and heels

Lovely and with sparkle

Gorgeous Pink Gown

I used to sing this a lot.
So very appropriate to sing to
the gentlemen below
or inappropriate might be the more
correct word to use.

Oh my, if a man as gorgeous as David Gandy
would look at me like that
I might just stumble while walking.
Oh and look at that perfect stance.

Mc Dreamy's back!
Patrick Dempsey's alter ego.

This is the young Alain Delon.
French and gorgeous
good enough reasons for me to like him... a lot.
Of course, he's got lots of lovely films too.

Dean Winchester
will be back too,
just a few more weeks of waiting
for the Supernatural fandom.
Jensen Ackles

What a gorgeous guy
and so good at his Polo game too.
And looks so good being Ralph Lauren's model

James McAvoy has very lovely eyes.
He's got good looks and the guy can act,
and according to this story
he is a real-life do gooder too.

Oh Leo.
What more can I say.

I do hope everybody feels the same way.


Silvia Negretti said...

The best way t start the week!
Thanx for the inspirations!!! ;)

Lilli said...

Im so hungry scrolling the images!:) And love the last quote, so inspiring! xo

Unknown said...

Love your inspiration images!!!! looking at inspiration is a great way to start on a Monday, don't you think? love the dresses and sweaters photos :) I invite you to visit my blog and let me know if you would like to follow each other to stay in touch.


Couture Carrie said...

Amazing post!
Especially loving that sparkly backless gown!


Doused In Pink said...

I love all of the inspiration in this post! Loving that dining room and those macaroon ice cream sandwiches!


VM Creation Atelier said...

Such beyond lovely post with a many gorgeous choices:)))
Love oversized sweaters for now!

Hugs and most pretty last September days to you,dear Ann!:)

Jackie Harrison said...

Cool images on your post

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Ann, you just find THE BEST photos and quotes and arrange them in such a fun way. I love that quote about the only time a woman is helpless while her nail polish is drying...HAHHAHHHHHAHAA You better watch out is RIGHT!

Oh, that was so darn fun. Thank you as well for coming to visit me. You are so kind and SO CREATIVE! Anita

Midnight Cowgirl said...

The bunny slippers are adorable!

Love Coffee and Shoes said...

Sweaters are cool!!

miasmode said...

I want to go to the Maldives with David Gandy and Dean Winchester ;-)
As always amazing inspirations and eye candy <3


BubblesAndWindmills said...

love this pics, the first is better, I would like this dinner room!!!!

Always Unlucky said...

These are so perfect; I wish I could make my room as beautiful as these!
From Ice Bucket Challenge

miss b said...

One of your lovely posts is always a good way to start the week! The quote 'Today I'd like to sit and sip ....' is definitely me too! I love everything about the sparkly dress and the grey turtleneck is just what I'm looking for for 'sweater weather.' The nail polish quote too - brilliant!

awhite said...

I'm loving that gorgeous rug! Such a great piece!

Le Stylo Rouge

Unknown said...

love that table!! x

Nymphashion said...

The tea container makes a wonderful vase, I'll keep it in mind for when I have to renew my flowerselection in the living room :)

Arianna, Nymphashion ♡

Jessica said...

Ohh how gorgeous and cool are those pictures! :D



Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I love the white outfit and berret of the woman drinking coffee!

Bisma Rauf said...

Lovely inspiring pics..the food made me hungry!

saralookbook · Theprettythings said...

love this type of post ! :D

Shannon Jenkins said...

Great inspiration! Those macarons look so yummy!

<3 Shannon

Darcy said...

Such fun pictures! I love the quote about loving places we've never been!

Diana Mieczan said...

That dining room is something special! So beautiful. xoxo

Red Rose Alley said...

Good Morning Ann,
Such wonderful pictures today. The tea vase is so sweet with the pink tulips. Oh my gosh, those bunny slippers! I'm going to pass them on to Jess as she has a thing for bunnies hehehe. The picture of the frozen Niagra Falls is incredible and so grand! I smiled when I saw the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwhich because my son had one yesterday. And who doesn't love Leonardo, he's so handsome.

What a good start to my day. Just love your pictures and the funny and charming way you describe them.

Happy October, Ann!


Tina said...

That dining room is gorgeous, and where can I find those macaron marshmellows sandwiches??


Draffin Bears said...

I love all the inspiration you have shared here. Thank you.
Was good to get away for a little dream.

Happy day

Miss Val's Creations said...

Another fabulous post! The dining room is perfect for easy cleaning...just my style. Life is a shit sandwich, love that! I'm very excited that Grey's is back on. :)

Unknown said...

amazing pictures dear!!!
and I also love the table of the first picture!!

Blue Dressed Doll said...

Lovely and inspiration photos! :)


amy (fearless homemaker) said...

Oh, that bacon egg and cheese sandwich looks SO good. What an awesome series of inspiration pics!

Lenya said...

Gorgeous pics, thx for sharing with us.

Glamour ZONE said...

Great inspiration for sure.that dining room is breathtaking

LoveT. said...

Great Quotes!

kisses :)

Imogen said...

I love the room with the touches of yellow. I also adore the yellow jumper. Such pretty tulips and macarons are my favourite ever.

SprinklesofStyle said...

Love this post, it made me smile - all the photos are really nice and love the quotes too…

Layla xx

Dressed With Soul said...

Thanks for this inspirational pictures!

xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

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M said...

always so inspired by your photos!

Eleonora Marini said...

Thanks for coming in my blog :-)
I love ur inspiration images!!!
Do u wanna follow each other?

The Princess Vanilla

crafty-zone said...

Great inspirations, dear, I love all quotes and this pool near seaside looks SO amazing <3

Unknown said...

the week start @ the top!!!
have a good one

Brina S. said...

Lovely post and pics! :)

Brina xoxo,

Unknown said...

Love the mustard knitwear paired with black!! Such inspiring photos x


Nina said...

adore this XD

Unknown said...

Very cool inspiration :) have a good evening!

L.E.N K said...

fabulous pics! love OP's fringe look!

Tina Bradley said...

Loving the eye candy! I'm already bundled up... It's freezing here! T.

Unknown said...

Love the quote about strong women :)
Always love your pictures!!
xx Anka

Missbbleu said...

I wish I could look that amazing while cleaning as well! lol

beautiful post, the images are so cute :) have a nice day!

L.E.N K said...

Totally amazing! Want the cable knit chair!


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