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A Lovely Nook

Apparently my pink loving continues... I love the pink and blue accents in this nook. Love the wall color and curtain, they certainly dictated the soothing and relaxing vibe in this lovely nook. I want a place like this in my own home, a quiet place to pick up a book and read. And yes, there should be flowers no matter how small but definitely fresh, I'm not into fake flowers in the house. Oh and isn't that carpet pretty?

source: AliSchwarz


spiral style said...

Love that one touch of bold pink in the throw. Subtle, yet not.

Unknown said...



What a lovely little nook! That pink throw brings it all to another level :)

Jessie said...

Love the lounge chair and the pink throw! Such a relaxing, cozy nook to read and unwind.

Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

I'll take fresh flowers over fake any day!! xo

homestilo said...

I really like the mid century leg detail on the chaise. And agree on the pretty rug too.


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