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Glam and Rustic Dining Room

Glitzy-Glam meets Farmhouse-Chic eclectic dining room
At first look, my heart totally loved the dining table, it is something I'd really want for my own dining room. It looks sturdy and rustic and would make any space cozy... heck, I'm even imagining it for my home office. But upon further inspection of this dining room I am also loving the comfy bench, the chandelier, and the colors of the walls and ceiling. I am totally loving every detail and piece of this glam and rustic dining room.

image: houzz


Unknown said...


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Anonymous said...

I like the table too! The curtains are cute!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Ann:
We do agree that there are many elements to this dining room which are very attractive and desirable. The blonde wood, the limed table, the white textiles and clean floorboards all create a harmonious whole. But, we very much doubt that the sofa would be a practical way to sit at the table if one intended to eat with any degree of comfort.

honey my heart said...

that is such a great dining room. i like the chairs and window treatments.

miss b said...

I love this room and what a gorgeous chandelier!Thanks for the lovely comment.

Style, She Wrote said...

Gorgeous kitchen table! I'd love to break bread there. xo style, she wrote

Unknown said...

Wow. I want my dining room to be just like that. The table and chairs are lovely.


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