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A White, Woody, and Comfy Living Room

This white and woody living room exudes comfort, freshness, and coziness. I just love a room that allows natural light to pass through just like this one because it gives an air of freshness and lightness. The use of light colors and wood elements in this room are perfect to create a simple and comfortable living room but at the same does not lack style and grace necessary to make it inviting and pleasant. I love the coffee table and the console table, they are eye-catchers in their simplicity. Plus, the white pots and lamps add an ambiance of easy living…and oh the sofa may be small but it sure is comfy.

Image: Kelly McGuill


M.Kate said...

Definitely loving the feel of wood while walking, and love the color white. We painted our walls with one featured color and everything else white. Happy week :D

Jordan said...

Its very elegant.. the white makes it super simple.

Brenda said...

I have always loved coffee tables that look like/or are trunks. They've been a favorite of mine for many years. This room looks so cozy.

Mary-Laure said...

You can't go wrong with plenty of whites, wood,and bright light.

sarah @ realestatestyle said...

Love the last bathroom. I just did one similar with white marble. So relaxing!

Blair said...

Oh, wow! How lovely and welcoming.


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