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Home Office with a View

This home office with a spectacular view is just awesome. I just love the wonderful art pieces around and the arrangement of things and furniture are so organized and orderly…plus the cabinet at the back gives more space for storage and display. Maybe if this is my home office I would probably be more creative and would be able to get more cool ideas. And on days when I’m not productive…I think I would really enjoy staring on that spectacular cityscape for hours until the inspiration to work comes along again.

Image: Kris Lajeskie Design


Chris said...

Wow. I'd spend half the day looking outside, but I've found that is what inspires me :)

Millie said...

Ooh Ann, this is perfecto! I want to get Millie's brass plate made quickly & nail it to the door so no-one else can snaffle it! And that view ......say no more.
Millie ^_^

M.Kate said...

I was thinking of renovating the kids room to turn it into my own space..this is just perfect..if only I can have it.

Karen said...

*Sigh* home office is in the natural is nicknamed "the dungeon"...this would be a dream come true....


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