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A Posh Golden Nursery

This nursery is oh so posh. The white and gold color motif immediately brings a sense of royalty, elegance, and affluence. This golden nursery is fit for a little princess that is so precious and dear that gifts are waiting for her arrival in her own little kingdom. Just look at her little crib with its simple but lovely bed crown or more appropriately crib crown that adds a touch of delicateness to the room. The room has enough space too for the baby to hold her admiring family and guests. The high ceilings, posh wallpapers, exquisite cornice, immaculate wooden floor, the comfy armchair and the very striking and lovely chandelier that completes the elegant look of this little kingdom fit for a princess will really make you go … Awww!

Photo source: Decopeques


Cote de Texas said...

hmmm - that's a gorgeous one! love this. and thank you for your comment today!!!!!! thanks!!!!! :)


Beautiful Living said...

It is truly stunning, but maybe a little bland for a baby? I would love the color scheme and wall art for myself though :)

Thank you for your comment, and I agree, I would gladly clean my kitchen every day if it looked like that.. :)

alice said...

It's so refreshing to see a non-pink or blue nursery! It't not too babyish and could easily be transitioned as the child grows.
Thank you for visiting and commenting earlier about the Paris sweepstakes! I'm so happy to have discovered your blog and am going to look around some more!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Mama said...

I like this, it is elegant, your blog is inspiring, I really like the red dining room. Kathy.


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