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A gorgeously fresh and light Open Kitchen

This open kitchen is so gorgeously fresh and light. It is airy and it is white, it is also spacious and has ample of light. Did I just make a rhyme? It must be because of this gorgeous white open kitchen. It has nice eastern pine floors and high ceilings. The chandelier that hangs above the dining table looks so stylish and it has a feminine feel about it with its swirls and twirls. This kitchen gives a relaxing and a very homey vibe from its white walls to its furniture and accents, it will sure make every guest feel welcome and every occasion and gathering filled with warmth. This open kitchen may look a bit old-fashioned for some but its quaint look and structure is what makes it really charming.

photo: Western Interiors


annechovie said...

Beautiful! Thanks for commenting on my blog, Anna. Happy New Year!

Joyce said...

I like the openess of this kitchen. I have been seeing more and more white kitchens. I'm thinking painting mine back to white. Oh my poor husband!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

This kitchen is lovely and looks to be the perfect place to eat pancakes for breakfast on a snowy morning.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

That high ceiling is to die for!


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