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Intimately Sophisticated

This is one sophisticated dining room. It is both grand and intimate. The clear glass walls dividing the dining room from other parts of the house is not restricting and allows one to see the adjoining spaces, and the ready curtain allows the possibility of having intimate dinners and even private meetings in this dining room. The palettes used in this room speak of elegance, style, and sophistication. I am not much of a fan of wood paneling but the wood paneling here gives the room a refined and warm look. There is not a tasteless element nor a flashy piece of item in this dining room. I adore the eight light chandelier hanging at the center and above of the simple yet impressive wood dining table, and if there is one piece I can take to my house from this room that chandelier would be it for me. The dining chairs with its stripe design just put the needed amount of liveliness to make this dining room not just sophisticated but friendly and warm as well.

Designer:Barbara Scavullo Design

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