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Chevron Chic Fireplace

This classic blue and white living room
in this Southampton Beach Home
is glam perfection... very pleasing to the eyes
and looking so fresh and welcoming.
The fireplace is so chic
it has a chevron pattern.
How can that not be uber chic?

Do you sometimes feel like
there is so much books to read
yet you have so little time? I always do.

 Yeah, I can totally see myself reading near the window
feet up, relaxed, and yeah a cup of 
coffee or hot choco on the side won't hurt.

So me...

Fashion Books...anyone?

Ohhhh a guy who reads... raise your hands ladies
if you dig guys who loves to read.

Chuck Bass reading ?!? Oh wow!!!

Hmmm...Jaime Lannister too?
Reading is Sexy.

This is kinda cool...and really sweet.

Heed his advise guys!

Here's a Parade of Fab Skirts

A bookmark I did for a book I'm currently reading.
Reading is my super power... what's yours?

1 comment:

Red Rose Alley said...

Hello Ann,
Glad to see you posted again. : )

I really like this post, as it shows many pictures of books. Nel would love this library cause she's a book lover. And I appreciate the books and coffee quote.

Wishing you beautiful March days.



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