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A Lovely Floral Living Room

Oh how I love how fresh
and floral this living room is,
even the rug is colorfully and florally
if there is such a word,
The green floral wallpaper
is so pretty.
And the natural light that comes from that
window is awesome.

Spring is in the air
and I am into the flower mode
to the max.
Love all these floral inspirations
I gathered from the net.
Flowers truly make me happy.


Boys better start young.
He is so cute.


Little cowgirls
love flowers.


Oh to receive 24 dozen roses
must be heaven.
Count again, maybe I counted wrong.

 Oh I love the shoes and outfit
but the pink roses too
would be so welcome in my life.

I won't mind receiving this in the morning.
I can have milk any other day.










Jeanne said...

Beautiful colours!

Paola Lauretano said...

I love flowers, I love spring.... this post is wonderful!!!!!
Have a Lovely day!
xo Paola
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Bisma Rauf said...

Loving the flowers!

Check out my new post Here!!!

Unknown said...

Lovely collection of photos. All are amazing.

Imogen said...

I love that room and stairs, so perfect, want it in my house.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ahhh....FLOWERS, white, simplicity, white horses and Mary Oliver's much better can it get for me this morning, Ann?

We have had snow in the last two days, and wind to knock you off your feet, LITERALLY! But spring is coming to us soon, and I need to believe that!

Thank you so much for coming to visit me! Oh how kind you are...and yes, I am having a blast putting blog posts together in a new way with my own photos and those of my blogger pals. I hope to have it done by the end of the year! Keep posted! Big hugs, Anita

Duni said...

Wow!! Gorgeous flowers everywhere! I love all the shabby chic images. So pretty! Thanks for sharing all these happy pics :)

Unknown said...

This post is soooo much for me! I simply love flowers, can't live without them! All these beautiful flowers that you show here, the gardens, the dresses, those amazing floral boots, I love all! I love floral prints and I am always wearing them, be it in bags, shoes, dresses... I remember when I was 6 and went to a relative's house and her garden was lovely... and I was mesmerized. This cousin always referred to me as "the girl who loves flowers" :) The living room, by the way, is so much my style as well! You really gathered here things that make my soul so happy!

tr3ndygirl influencer e fashion blogger said...

super fab flowers decors
I wish you an happy day
<<< fashion blogger Pamela Soluri >>>

Memories for Life said...

Beautiful floral finds! They're so cheerful.
I'm loving the patterned staircase trend right now!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Such a gorgeous spring post! I love the floral prints on that staircase. Sweet idea. The floral gowns are stunning!

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous flowers!
Love the gowns!


Silvia Negretti said...

i love flowers so much!!!
Wonderful post, loved every pic! :D

Lilli said...

Amazing inspiration, love the floral mood of the images picked! xo

Lauren Farrow said...

I love the patterns! Patterns juxtaposed with patterns. The colors are amazing, too. I notice a lot of secondary triads.

Thanks for sharing!

crafty-zone said...

I really like your inspirations, especially that "SPRING" floral board!

Unknown said...

I love all of the spring time inspiration! Especially the floral clothing!

Red Rose Alley said...

Ann, what a wonderful flower post today. I really like that floral room, it's so cheerful. I love those tea cups - I can see me using a different one every day. aahh, what a sweet picture of the boy with flowers. Oh my gosh, the rows and rows of pink and purple flowers are gorgeous! How beautiful those pictures are. The rose cake is lovely. Wouldn't that be nice for a wedding? That floral dress is gorgeous. And I got sentimental when I saw the quote "amazing things are going to happen." I thought about Nel because she is getting her Ph.D. in May and has worked so hard to get it. I will pass this on to her, Ann. Thank you.

Loved everything on here today.


amy (fearless homemaker) said...

Gorgeous! This post is making me so excited for spring and warm weather and flower and color. Lovely!

Agness said...

I absolutely love when my room is spacious and filled with wonderful flowers <3!! Agness of

Unknown said...

Very nice post


miasmode said...

I'm still waiting for the spring to arrive over here. I love flowers and the floral prints. Beautiful inspirations!


Paulina said...

Have a lovely weekend!

Lenya said...

What a lovely and spring inspiring post. Love all the pics and quotes.

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Love all these spring things! The fields of flowers are stunning!

Algodão Tão Doce said...

Cada novo amigo que ganhamos no decorrer da vida aperfeiçoa-nos e enriquece-nos. (Maria Miranda)
Lindas inspirações!
Tenha uma linda semana!
Doce abraço, Marie.

Mirela Imsirovic said...

Lovely. Love it. Thanks for visiting my blog, dear. Keep in touch. Kiss

Emilia said...

Amazing inspirations. Now I can feel spring even if it's a rainy day today :)

Unknown said...

Nice pics!


Teresa said...

Color, Life, Smiles are creeping up on us. That's Spring for us, I guess... it's funny because in a matter of two weeks the tone of the posts, of people on the posts changed. It is so nice and sweet to witness this rebirth.
I love this post of yours!
Just a thought - instead of an apron to bake the cake, put on those shoes you seem to love, one of those magnificent gowns (one without transparency, you don't want the baker to have a wrong (or right ;)) idea ahahahahah) and head to the bakery. Then seat in the sun and enjoy. No one deserves it more.

June said...

These are all so pretty!!

Unknown said...

Nice pictures, the staircase is SO cool!
Thank you for your comment on my blog xxx

Emmy said...

All these pics are making me so ready for spring. Lovely images as always:D

Blackswan said...

Everything's so pretty here, dear! I'm sure the floral staircase won the most votes. I love it too! xoxo

ALLIE NYC said...

Great round up with and eye on color and did you notice the lamp in the first photo, the stand is a stack of sewing tread spools, how cool is that!


Denise said...

All these photos are such great inspiration! I am loving all the photos and colors in the flowers. Also, the floral living room is so pretty and the florals on the stairs!

Denise | Fashion Love Letters

miss b said...

The perfect spring post! The floral living room is so bright and cheerful. The staircase and china cups and saucers are adorable and those macarons - the prettiest ever! What a fabulous post! Happy Easter!.

Rachel-Beth said...

This is such beautiful inspiration! Love all the pastel colours

Rachel xx

Dee said...

This was such a great post. Flowers make me happy, too and there were so many fun and pretty things to see. I loved it all.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend...:)

Carissa said...

Love all the florals, I'm so happy spring is here!


Algodão Tão Doce said...

É Páscoa! Cristo está vivo, o túmulo está vazio, Ele ressuscitou!!! A mais bela festa dos Cristãos.
Crentes no Amor de Deus Pai que nos deu seu Filho Jesus Cristo que permanece conosco pela força do
Espírito Santos, seguimos nossa caminhada na construção de um mundo mais justo, fraterno, humano,
harmonioso e de doação.
Todos somos promotores da Paz!
Feliz, Santa e Abençoada Páscoa.
Um doce abraço, Marie.

Unknown said...

Beautiful all the images <3 I wish I could decorate my stairs like one of the pictures hahah

Jointy&Croissanty said...

Beautiful and inspiring pictures! I love flowers!


Paulina said...

Pretty post!
Have a nice evening ;)

Eli Dou said...

So nice and inspiring...
Thanks for your visit and comment to my blog! I really appreciate it :)
if you want to follow each other just let me know!


Black Dress Inspiration said...

Nice pics

Unknown said...

Wonderful!! You have a super cute blog! Enjoy your day, dear!!

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Unknown said...

wow simply amazing, love the stairs, the theacups,and the lovely dresses!

The Elle Diaries said...

Love the featured too, the painted steps, and the darling girl in the sunflower fields, and this dresses,
Great spring post!!!!
XX, Elle

Kashaya said...

Lovely post. Very inspirational

Elisa Zanetti said...

wonderful images!
Nameless Fashion Blog

NataliaZarzycka said...

Hello from Poland Dear! Nice photos I love it, so I follow U, maybe U follow me back? kiss

Susannah said...

Beautiful inspiration images xx

Black Dress Inspiration said...

Nice pics

Fashion-isha said...

This post made me happy! Every photo is so beautiful!

Lenya said...

Oh I love this so much, thx for sharing.

Isa M said...

Lovely photos

Sweet Home | BLOG

Unknown said...

Lots of lovelies to look at. I enjoyed the quotes!! Very inspiring!

All the Cute
Recent Post: Casual Inspiration No. I: Sporty Sweatshirt Dress

LoveT. said...



Caro * said...

Marvelous inspirations ! Flowers are so pretty. Kisses :)


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