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Gorgeous Gray and White Home Office

White and Gray is just my style
calming and inviting
and a hint of sophistication.
I love the simple white desk
but so functional with three drawers.
And look at that carpet
so beautiful.
I love that the curtains give
a girly touch
in this gray and white home office.

Lemon Cupcakes

 Salted Caramel Cupcakes

 LV Cupcakes

 Tiffany Cupcakes

 Godiva Truffle Cupcakes

I am a sucker for rom-coms
I love watching my favorite actors
falling in love on the big screen
I love the good feeling I get
whenever I watch romantic movies
and if there is a little comedy
in it the more I like it.

Say Anything

When Harry Met Sally

The Proposal

Roman Holiday


The Wedding Singer

Love this look.

Red and Pink is fab

Such a lovely couple.
Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl

Love Elle McPherson's Metallic Pants
Lovely Casual Look


Dior Perfection

Rani Kakhem


Unknown said...

Amazing inspiration!

Teresa said...

Oh My poor heart ;)
There's so much - and important - stuff on this post ahahahah
Like a mantra let's keep ALL this in mind and soul, shall we?!
Entering the weekend this powerfully will burn the calories from those amazing cakes ahahahahah
Atta Girl!!!
Love grey and white too but the curtains in the room are the real winners.
Take Care, Princess!

Bisma Rauf said...

Amazing photos!

Check out my new post Here!!!

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing post, darling!
Loving the movie quotes and the couture cupcakes!


Steph-G said...

awesome photos those cupcakes are too cute!

Emilia said...

Great inspirations :)

Paola Lauretano said...

I always love to see your pics selection.... so full of inspiration!!!
Happy friday!
Kisses, Paola.


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styleyourselfinstyle said...

That's a lovely room, especially like the curtains!


Dee said...

I'm a huge Twilight fan and I am crazy about Robert Pattinson. Those cupcakes look incredible, almost too pretty to eat. I love romantic comedies, too and a few of those you mentioned are my favorites. As a matter of fact, a movie and cupcakes sounds really good right about now... :)

Lilli said...

Those cupcakes are so yummy, besides beautiful! Loving all the looks you shared, especially the one with the red coat. Happy weekend! xo

Jeanne said...

These cakes are so yummy!!!

Marcela Gmd said...

Lovely post!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

ellie said...

You are always so inspiring!

ivy said... the movies you noted in this post!

Tijana said...

Yes, I follow you on gfc, #284, follow back?

Charline . said...

Love this random photos, so inspirational!
Thank you so much for visiting my blog :)

See you xx

Mila said...

I agree it is a gorgeous office and i love the rest of the post!

Unknown said...

These are really great! Love the quote about growing old together :)
Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

Unknown said...

Omg the godiva cupcake looks super yummy. Real women eat cupcakes too :)
I love red and pink too. That outfit is totally amazing. As always fabulous inspiration. Btw I wish my room would look like that too.

xx /

Unknown said...

loved everything
esp that Tiffany and co's cupcake is really cute

Blackswan said...

OMG, I'm a huge fan of LV & those LV Cupcakes certainly got my eyes bulging out! Lol!

Unknown said...

I don't eat sweets but those cupcakes look so awesome! Too beautiful to even eat! I also love the office space!

Red Rose Alley said...

Ann, you brought back some sweet memories with all these movies, and Greace was my favorite. I remember when it came out. Me and my friend were so anxious to see it. Oh, these cupcakes look scrumptious. There's nothing like a soft, moist, and delicious cupcake!

love, ~Sheri

Midnight Cowgirl said...

I think I need all of the cupcakes :)

Shopping Lady said...

That cupcakes are so wonderful!
Great pics!

My last post: H&M Italian online store

Shopping Girls

amy (fearless homemaker) said...

We have SO much gray and white in our house - I think you would like it. And how awesome do those cupcakes look? YUM!

Jessica said...

Amazing pictures! Lovely office decor! =)



Lenya said...

OMG!!!! I love these.....and you kept the best until the end. LOVE it! Thx for making me smile ;)

Coco said...

I'd love my office to look like that!
Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

Unknown said...

Happy Tuesday sweetie! I'm looking forward to see your new post :D

xx /

Unknown said...

Oh, I also love grey and also, loooove romcoms!!!! I watched the ones you showed now, but my favorite is Roman Holidays, that I watched at least 3 times - sooo sweet! The LV cupcakes are so impressive! And the last quote is my favorite - recently I have faced such a situation... and am still facing... where I try and try to tell someone this and that and the person simply tries to tell me that I am wrong, repeatedly - well, I could be and I normally recognize when I am, but this it was obvious to many that wrong was the person and still, I am repeatedly being patronized - as well as the other "friends" too! I just want to say "get a life" :) Hope you have a great week!!!!!! Loooved this post!

Oksana Zolotukhina said...

Great post dear...lovely pics..:-) said...

amazing post babe!!!!!!!



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Marcela Gmd said...

Happy Valentine's day!!!:)))

Custom Logo Design Company said...

Loved every pic you have post there!The sprinkle bakes yummy yummy!

Unknown said...

I'm so glad I clicked over here first today! What glorious inspiration. My whole house was that exact shade of gray, with white trim and white shutters for the past 7 years and now it's going all white, but I wish I'd thought to put those chic pink curtains up in the office, well I still might in the next white incarnation. Wishing you a very happy Valentine's day!!! I'm back blogging now so hope you'll stop by and say hello.

xo Mary Jo

Desirèe D'Aloia said...

nice pics!

Unknown said...

Great pictures. Love your blog.
Visit my blog. New post here.

Alex Turrell said...

This is such a cute post :)

Unknown said...

Great post dear. I follow you and hope to follow me back via gfc and g+!


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