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A comfortably cozy Media/Game Room

This is a very luxurious yet cozy media/game room. A special place in the house where family and friends can gather comfortably and spend special moments together. Family and friends can enjoy a film, music, or game in this room happily and comfortably. Soft comfortable sofas…check! Right lighting …check! State of the art home theater … check! Warm cozy design …check! Interesting and plush fabrics … check! And if you have any memorabilia to show off this can be a perfect place, right? And if you are Lance Armstrong, seven times winner of Tour de France, what better things to show off than your own winning jerseys in these walls, after all it is not an ordinary achievement and only a few people can top such an accomplishment. I just love the mixture of colors and in this room, not too cheerful and not too dull. The ambience created is just about the right combination needed for a space or room to spend some laidback relaxation and bright happy moments.

photo:Architectural Digest


CoutureCarrie said...

Very nice!

Ms. Tee said...

I like this. I'm sure my family would love it. ;)

please sir said...

Such a fun media room - great pick!


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