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Candle-filled Dining Room

The one thing that made me immediately notice this dining room is the huge candle holder, if you can actually call it that because it really holds a lot of candles, that is hanged above the long dining table instead of a lovely chandelier. And I would really be excited to have dinner in there with all the lights off and just the glow from all those candles to illuminate a perfect dining experience. Of course, if those candles were scented … the better …for then the scent of the candles would blend with the aroma of the food making dining such a pleasure in that sturdy long dining table. Nice dining chairs too, complimented by two weave designed armchairs at both ends of the table. Another thing, I love that glass door and glass walls that divide this dining area from the living area but at the same time it does not makes you feel confined and it even actually makes the space more airy and spacious.

photos: Laura Bohn Design


Hill Country House Girl said...

Thanks so much for your visit to hill country house. I love the candle chandelier. Your blog is great - I will be back to read more posts!

Jordan said...

wow! what an amazing kitchen! I bet the rest of the house is even better!
and a romantic even with your spouse after dinner with candles aye? :p
take care!

Camilla at home said...

It looks beautiful! Have a happy weekend:)

Slices of Beauty... said...

Very romantic, beautiful!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi there! I just wanted to come by, and say thanks for taking a minute to leave me a note, and let me know you came to visit. I agree, the candle chandelier you posted about is awesome. Now I'm off to read more of your blog!!

My Desert Cottage

Linda said...

That is a beautiful room with the soft candle light - what a lovely touch! Linda

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

that dining room is amazing!

tartanscot said...


I think that might actually be the "Altar" light fixture from Holly Hunt. The great part is - it's electrical, with a custom 'wax' that has a small halogen fixture inside. You can actually set it on a dimmer to control the intensity of the illumination. Absolutely magical.

I used one on a project a few years ago -

Karen said...

That is lovely!!

Fee said...

The cande chandelier is so wonderful, the glow from it must be perfect.
A real statement in the room.

Lovely interior.

Fee x

This Makes My Day said...

I'm in love with this candleconstruction!! Wow, amazing idea!! Romantism for ever.
Have a nice weekend!


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