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A Room with a View and a Zebra Cowhide Rug

What a space
just a comfy chair
and a gorgeous zebra cowhide rug
and a spectacular view.
Looks perfect to me.

Oh this boy is an instagram
style icon... at age 5.
So cute!

More than 2300 profane insults, obscenties,
and vulgarities... ha.ha I didn't know
we are in need of so much.

  This will come in handy.

Oh I can think
of other ways to use this
other than for boxes.

I want!

What a lovely rock formation.
Galicia Spain

I'd love to be able to sit
at the edge of a cliff
and look at a gorgeous view
like this... and hopefully finally
conquer my fear of heights.
Picardie, France

 I so love the scent of lavender
that I always dream of 
walking for hours
in a lovely lavender field someday


Mexican Chorizo and Garlic Shrimp Burger

 Spinach and Feta Chicken Burgers
with Grilled Halloumi,  Roasted Red Peppers and a Spinach and Feta Sauce


Oh and I want a milkshake
with my burgers.
 Caramel Pumpkin Milkshake

Such a cutie.

I want!

So cool.
Leopard print cake.

Leopard Pajamas

Cara D. looking fierce
in this animal print skirt.

Cool and chic.

J. Lo rocking Roberto Cavalli

Oh Wow!
I never thought animal prints
would look so good in a gown.


 Olivia Palermo
is always in style.


Yellow, Gold and White Living Room

This is a gorgeous living room
with yellow and white combo
and with elegant touches of gold.
Love the simplicity of the couch
the boldness of the chevron carpet
and the rustic charm of the coffee table.

Playing dress up is so cute and cool.
Kids these days do it  using
some fashion game app.
I guess its not the same.

Kids sure enjoy a lovely sleepover
but Moms keep calling like every hour
to check on their kids. My Mom did:)

Drawing and Tea Party later.
With skirts like that
a little tea party is so apt.

Remember when we used
to obey every order given to us.
This pic is too cute.

Oh this I can not do :(


Wish I could look this fab
when cleaning the house.

I will be layering up
like this in a couple of days.
The cold is here.

Fringe Love

The skirt and the bag... so lovely.

Oh this chair is ready for the cold days ahead.

Love this chair
love the chevron design.

Whoa look at that backsplash.

Cute. I want one.


Alexander McQueen

Isabel Marant


Love the maxi dress
and the sneakers.

Oh I love a kitchen
full of copper pans too
and look at that flooring.

There's nothing like
old fashioned freshly baked bread

oh this looks divine
at least for those people who
have sweet tooth like me

Another one of those sweet treats
that looks so good
and you know its yummy too.

That egg does it for me
Mushrooms on toast with poached eggs and hollandaise

sage roasted pork belly
looks so sinful
but you know you want it

She's such a cool

Coffee and Macarons
and a really interesting book.

Wonderful Spot
Magnificent View

Oh wherever this is
such a beautiful place
gorgeous sky

Negril, Jamaica
Oh that bridge...

Vera Wang Gowns


None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.