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Chic colors on a White Bedroom

What I love about this white bedroom is that it looks so elegant yet it is so easy for us to recreate it in our own homes. I love big windows in bedrooms just like on this one because of the natural light and fresh air it brings in the room. I also love the idea of having white sheets on my bed because it looks so neat and crisp fresh plus if you just add elements or accents with wonderful lively colors on top and presto... you make the colors pop out and the space to look chic and energizing.

Image: Amoroso Design


Lila said...

I know what you mean. Somehow white rooms just seem so elegant when dressed right!
Lila Ferraro


This is so encouraging to me . . . we are about to rent for the first time and I've been freaking out about WHITE WALLS. But I love this room.

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