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What a lovely long Porch

I love this lovely long porch. I am actually into outdoor spaces these days and I find this porch is such a sight to behold. From its white posts to the table, to the view of the garden and the old carriage house, to the beautiful table setting, I really really love it. The place looks so peaceful yet cheery, calm yet blissful. A wonderful porch like this is perfect for al fresco dining among family and friends. It can also be a place for good times and good conversations. It can even be a place of relaxation for lazy afternoons. The expansive lawn/garden adds to the beauty of the place and can be a good area for summer picnics and get-together. Oh, and the outdoor table and dining chairs gives this porch a really cozy and homely ambiance.

This porch is from Candice Bergen’s East Hampton Country House featured in Architectural Digest.


The Junkin' Yaya said...

Being raised in Louisiana...the PORCH is one of the most important rooms in our style of living! Don't ya just LOVE them???

Haven't seen ya in awhile, so just dropping by to say "hi" and hope that all is going well!

Have a beautiful & creative week!


Small House said...

It is a lovely porch. You share some amazing pictures on your blogs.

Ms. Tee said...

Porches are my favorite part of the house & this one is great.
Thank you for nice comment on the maps. :)

Shay said...

ohhh...I love that porch too! Here in Florida we just dont have those kind of porches...or atleast not in Tampa Florida!


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