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Simple Sophistication

This space is just plain marvelous. A true design eye-candy that exudes chic and sophistication. It shows that simplicity can radiate sophistication and more. Not much color but there is enough to liven up the space without taking out its warm and comfy feel. This space can be an elegant breakfast nook or a chic dining area. The seats are so comfy and the table is not too big, a good place for intimate conversations and relaxed tête-à-tête. The wide circular windows with its lovely window treatment provide a wonderful view of the garden outside and allow natural light to get in and at the same time add a fresh and airy feel to this nook. And I’m sure you adore the lovely hanging lamp above, the sturdy looking round table in the middle and the lovely carpet below too.

Designer: PrestonLeeDesign


Beautiful Living said...

That couch is just amazing!

please sir said...

I love the wrap around sofa - what a piece to own!!!

Laura B said...

Hi Ann,
Just wondering if you got your earrings yet? I hope so and that your feeling the love :)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I love that ridiculously long couch.


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