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What more can I say? This dining room speaks for itself.

What can I say? This dining room is so gorgeous. It exudes elegance and sophistication anywhere you look. I just love the idea of using two different set of chairs with different chair coverings. The Swedish whitewashed armchairs look so lovely, charming and comfortable even with its leather covering. The other set of dining chairs matches the Ainsworth-Noah walnut table and the seat covering matches the drapes too. And don’t you just adore the lighting fixtures here? The symmetrically placed chandelier and two wall mounted zinc lanterns completes the elegant and fresh look of this dining room.

Designer: Suzanne Kasler

Photo: House Beautiful


berry said...

Just stumbled into your blog...Interesting one. Will be following from now on!


SimplyGrove said...

What a gorgeous dining room!!!

columnist said...

Yes, I agree with you. Love the symmetry, and all that you've highlighted. The chimneypiece is gorgeous in this one too - better than the one I posted yesterday!

carolina bleu said...

just lovely

Millie said...

Just a lovely Dining Room post Ann! I think I would spent an inordinate amount of time at this table, so elegant & restful.
Millie ^_^


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