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A Charming Country Cottage Kitchen

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This country cottage kitchen looks so charming with its mostly white furniture and walls. The blues, greens and yellows made the space look so radiant and lively. I so love the distressed white round table, so inviting with its fresh flowers, fruits and candles. And the rug underneath is striking with its blue and white stripes design. This kitchen makes you want to have a white kitchen of your own and not care about the intricacies of how to keep it look immaculately clean nor care about the maintenance of having one. The blue bottle and glass collection adds to the coolness of this space, makes you think of the beach or a place of vacation and holiday. And did you see the yellow ceramic display? Yes, the one with a pan on it, it is a little décor detail that reminds you that this is a country cottage kitchen and a very charming one at that.

photo: Scott Sanders

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Alyssa said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! Fun blog you have, too:) I love that entryway - yum! I wish I could pull off that blue bottle line-up in my kitchen!


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